Women’s Reentry Baltimore Maryland

Women in Baltimore City and the surrounding counties.

Women with any sort of criminal justice involvement.

Women who are incarcerated, post-incarceration, on probation or parole.


Many hard to find programs in Maryland offer services for female ex-offenders to become gainfully employed but none addresses the social issues that the population faces. A social issue requires a social solution.

Why Us?

  • Women need the support of other women who have gone through what they are going through
  • We are a female ex-offender owned and operated organization
  • Women need a strong sense of community 
  • We foster a nurturing community among the participants
  • Women need to be encouraged, uplifted, and challenged
  • We provide Change Agents as coaches to the female ex-offenders
  • We do not discriminate among offenses of participants
  • We focus on the strengths and abilities of participants


Create The Door LLC will become a vital resource in the community, averaging 33.3% profit from 2020 to 2022.

Create The Door LLC is staffed with 1 paid employee (Jennifer Mears) and 5 unpaid interns.